Items you need to bring to the class:

Your FOID card and Drivers License or State ID card.

Pen / pencil / highlighter for taking notes.

Payment for class fee. We take cash or check only. Sorry, no credit cards.

A firearm of similar type you intend to carry (i.e. double action revolver or semi-automatic pistol), 2 extra magazines for your semi-automatic pistol, 2 speed loaders for your revolver, if possible. No single shot revolvers, derringers or large caliber magnums allowed.

At least 50 rounds of ammunition.


Holster of some type in order to secure the weapon while on the range and classroom.

It is best to have a holster that is designed specifically for your firearm. No cross draw, shoulder, small of the back (SOB), purse or ankle holsters please! Make sure you have a belt that will support the weight of your firearm.

A case to carry and transport your firearm in. (as per FOID law)

Gun cleaning supplies (kit)

Dress appropriately for shooting on the second day of class:

You must have Eye and Ear protection.

No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, open neck or low cut neck lines. You do not want hot brass going down your shirt! No open toed shoes, heels or sandals/flip flops. No skirts/dresses. Your clothing must allow safe access to your firearm.

Hat with a bill. Optional, but will help keep the Sun out of your eyes and hot brass off your face.

We will shoot rain or shine, with the exception of extreme weather. You may also want to bring a rain coat just in case.

**NOTE** If you do not have a firearm yet, let us know before the class. If you are coming with another person you can use one gun between you if need be, but try to have your own holster that fits the gun you will be sharing.

Please be on time for the class. We cannot hold up the whole class for one or two people. Plan to be there a little early to give us time to complete required paper work . You must be present for all of the required training hours to receive a certificate of completion. These are the Illinois State Police rules, not ours.

A-lert - adjective - able to think clearly and to notice things,
- to be watchful and prompt to meet danger or emergency
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